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Creative art workshops in a relaxed café setting
Cafe Art
Wednesday Café Art

‘Creative Sensory Art
Café Art is a typical expression of the partnership between Sawyers Church and Frontline.
Our Wednesday Creative Sensory Art  runs alongside Crown Café and welcomes people with a learning disability, enabling them to express their creativity through simple techniques such as blending colours and using collage and textures, in a relaxed and friendly environment.
Café Art is led by a gifted and experienced Art Tutor.
Wednesday 10am to 12 noon - during School Term time
To book call: 01277 233889

Friday Café Art
‘Creative Sensory Art uses similar techniques to our Wednesday workshops.
Friday 10.30am to 12.30 - during School Term time
Sawyers Church, Sawyers Hall Lane
Our Friday Cafe serves brunch alongside the Art workshop, so you can enjoy socialising
with friends and make the morning even more enjoyable!
To book call: 01277 233889

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