Partners and Funders


Frontline works in active and meaningful association with other groups and organisations that currently include:

Church – A centre for Christian worship and witness, located near Brentwood town centre. 

Church – An independent, community-focused church in Vidin, Bulgaria

Church –An independent, community-focused church in Russe, Bulgaria

– Working with disadvantaged children and young adults in Russe Bulgaria


Frontline acknowledges the generousity of our funders and donations secured from 1st October 2016;

Heart of Essex (Oct 16)£1,000.00
Firewalk for Frontline, John Boreham (Oct 16)£138.50
Bulgaria Donation (Oct 16)£708.00
Bulgaria Donation, Dimitar IVANCHEV (Nov 16)£2,032.00
Hutton and Shenfield Ladies - The Gates (Nov 16)£1,300.00
The New Elizabeth Lodge - The Gates (Dec 16)£225.00
WOTT - Starburst (Dec 16)£400.00
Private donation - Crown Café£250.00
Private donation - The Gates£30.00
Private donation - Crown Café£500.00
WOTT - Starburst (Mar 17)£400.00
Maypole House Charitable Fund (administered by ECF) - Café Art£2045.00
John Laing Charitable trust (administered by ECF) - Hoursworth£1000.00
Taylor Family Fund (administered by ECF) - Hoursworth£500.00
Private Donation£150.00
Camellia Foundation - Bridge the Gap£5,164.00
Meeting Nees - Bulgaria£2,600.00
Private donation£1,000.00
Private donation£500.00
DJH Currie Memorial Trust - Café Art£2,600.00
Donation from sale of book£36.50
Tesco helping hand bags - The Gates£1,000.00
Hutton & Shenfield - The Gates£75.00
NCS - The Gates£551.51
Fowler Smith & Jones - HoursWorth£3,000.00
Rotary Club of Brentwood - Café Art£1,250.00
Table top sale£200.00

We have regular donators who donate through direct debit for the Bulgaria project

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